Can my TV be installed above a fireplace?

Yes, with proper training a TVinstall.com professional has the skills to survey the area to see if a safe installation is possible.

Can my cable box, DVD player, etc. be installed in a different room than the TV?

Yes, our technicians are expertly trained on utilizing the proper techniques to hide all of you equipment using an RF remote or an IR repeater system. We can install your equipment anywhere you could imagine. Closet, garage or anywhere else!

Do your installations really have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, we will absolutely guarantee all workmanship. For example, if your TV mounting bracket starts to pull away from the wall, we will come out at absolutely no charge and fix it. Or if we install in ceiling speakers and one of the mounting tabs comes loose, we fix it for free!

Can we use one remote for everything?

Yes, typically we program the cable box remote to control the TV, receiver and DVD player at no additional charge to you with all of our installation packages. In some cases, the free remotes that are provided by your cable company are not capable of the advanced features many new remotes come with, so we can program one for you with one button functionality.

Can my remote control change lighting setting in my house?

Yes, we can program one of our many remote systems to control lighting, curtains, whole home audio, movie projector screens and almost anything else that has the ability.

Can my TV be safely installed outside?

Yes, TVinstall.com technicians analyze each project individually and will be able to tell you once on site if it is safe.

Do you charge State Sales Tax?

No, we pay sales tax when we buy your equipment so you don’t have to.

Can we have a surround sound installation performed if we have no attic space or basement?

Yes, with decades of experience in cable management and residential wiring, we can wire your house no matter what.

Do you have pictures of work and recommendations from completed projects in the past?

Yes, for pictures of our work you can click on the Portfolio link and for recommendations will be provided upon request.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured to do work on our property?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded and insured in every jurisdiction we work in. Currently we hold licenses in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Additionally our owner is the license holder, we do not pay some other company to represent us like many other companies out there.